Watering medical and recreational cannabis?

We are your industry-leading, reverse osmosis filtration system provider

for watering medical and recreational cannabis in Ontario.

The best water filter for your cannabis is one that grows.

At WaterToGrow, we want to help your plants grow and we also want to be there when your operations grow. 


We partner with your irrigation providers and your greenhouse builders and architects. We work with Growers ultimately looking for approvals from CEOs and corporate boards. We work with public and private clients.


Every producer of medical marijuana and recreational cannabis will have different requirements. 


Depending on your variety, the amount of water required may vary widely. 


Also, the stage of growth for plants in your mother room will require more or less water. 


Vegetative rooms and flower rooms also have their requirements. With different numbers of plants and different sizes of pots, your system's capacity needs to accommodate maximum output from the start. 

Our seven-day-a-week emergency service and four-hour, guaranteed response time are part of the reason marijuana growers come back to us time and time again. 


Grow your plants. Grow your company. 



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Reverse Osmosis


UV  Bacterial Protection


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Is your water suitable for cannabis cultivation? 


As one of a number of very important factors in greenhouse growing of marijuana plants, water can be overlooked. 


Water quality is determined with an analysis of soluble salts, alkalinity, and sodium absorption rates. Also hard water contributors like calcium and magnesium must be addressed. It goes without saying that heavy metals and and other toxins must be kept out of your water supply. 


Our Laboratories are equipped to test the water that you are using for irrigation purposes. 


If you are experiencing slow growth, poor quality or high death rates in your plants, it may be the water that is to blame. 

We offer free testing on water from municipal sources or wells with every consultation.

Best of the Best in Water Filtration for Cannabis 



Using a membrane that allows only pure water to pass through, reverse osmosis is the most recommended and widely used water filtration system in the medical marijuana industry. 


The benefits of reverse osmosis are healthier plants and a more consistent product. 


WaterToGrow can provide the right- sized Reverse Osmosis System for your operation.

Reverse Osmosis Water for Cannabis



R.O. Pre-Treatment

Efficient and Reliable

R.O. Pre-Treatment

Following your free water testing, WaterToGrow will recommend options for pre-treating, if required. 


Organic matter, minerals, oxidants and other particles all require specific pre-treatments. 


Whether it is conventional coagulation and media filtration, or non-conventional methods like ultrafiltration, the steps we take before water reaches the RO system prevents damage to the membranes.

Bacterial Protection

Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet Bacterial protection for Cannabis plants

UV rays are lethal to microorganisms.


Water that needs to be disinfected must pass through controlled monitored systems to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses. 

To see if your drainage water requires ultra-violet treatment, ask for your free water test from WaterToGrow.


Key to Getting It Right 


Whether you have existing equipment and need to know if it is performing correctly, or you are a brand new start up looking to do water right, WaterToGrow can provide the details you need to make sure your water quality is appropriate to your cannabis growing facility.

Our Consultations are free and include the testing of water samples at one of our labratories.

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WaterToGrow is a dedicated supplier of high quality water treatment equipment for the medical cannabis grower.


We only install low maintenance and durable equipment to ensure you have the right product for your operation.


With products from of some of the best manufacturers anywhere, and engineers to back them up, you know you are in good hands!